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typing test tech tip

For my typing test, I just used I liked this test because the text offered wasn't too difficult with a lot of types of punctuations and such. 
From my results, I am a little under average in words per minute (about 10) and my accuracy was a little higher than the average. I would like to work on my speed of typing; I never learned to type without looking! That is something I would like to work on. I have never thought to practice my typing because I figured it got the job done. After taking the test, I think I will put more time into practicing my typing and improving both my speed and accuracy to help me in my future career and my schooling.
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tech tip: canvas profile

For my updated Canvas profile, I added my pronouns (she/her) because I think it is important to display your pronouns so others feel comfortable sharing theirs as well!
For my avatar, I am using a photo of my cat because I don't really see a need to have a personal photo on Canvas as I use my real name and am identifiable by that. Also, my cat is cute.

biography: my favorite restaurant

As my favorite restaurant is one I no longer get to visit, this is very difficulty for me (and my stomach) to write about. My favorite restaurant is Ji The Chicken Shop, but it is located in the UK, so I never get to eat there anymore.  Although this restaurant isn't fancy or anything, it serves my favorite food--chicken strips. Yes, I'm an adult and my favorite foods are chicken strips and chicken nuggets. So what? But, at Ji's, their chicken strips are not normal chicken strips. At the restaurant, they have all these different powered seasoning you can put on your chicken and/or fries. They have a seasoning there called plum seasoning that is sort of sweet and savory at the same time, and it makes both aspects of the meal AMAZING. I swear I think about this chicken at LEAST once a week. Not only do I love this restaurant, I love the memories I have here. My friend Emely and I would go the Ji's once a week, sometimes more. We would sit in there for a long time enjoying o…

biography: lost pink poodle purse

When I was in the first grade, I was obsessed with poodles, especially pink ones. I always wanted to own a poodle, preferably a pink one, of course. I think my love of poodles came from the fact that poodles have curly hair like I do.
Anyway, for my birthday that year, my parents bought me a stuffed, pink poodle that had a zipper along the back and a strap that you could attach and detach. Since I was the biggest girly-girl too, I took that purse EVERYWHERE although I was a child with nothing to carry in a purse. Since I took it everywhere, it's no surprise that I couldn't find it one day. 
That day, I went to school devastated that I had lost my pink poodle purse. I vividly remember the drawing I made in my journal that day with my twist up Crayola colored pencils (picture for nostalgia below). The picture was a of a tree with a single tree limb below the circles of green that were there to imitate the leaves of real trees. On this single tree branch, I drew the pink poodle pur…

biography: my earliest childhood memory

As seen in my last biographical writing, a lot of my stories and memories from child hood include throwing up. Now, as my earliest childhood memories, I am going to describe the not one, but two, other instances of throw up engraved in my brain forever.
The first is The Roadtrip. I was maybe two or three, and my family and I were all driving back to Oklahoma from Tennessee. We were in Tennessee for my aunt's wedding, and we were driving really late at night.I was in my carseat, and I was eating gummy worms. Eventually, I went into a gummy worm coma and fell asleep. I then woke up to myself throwing up gummy worms all over myself and my carseat. There wasn't a rest stop for several miles, so I had to wait to be cleaned off. I remember the exact barbie nightgown I was wearing. It was my favorite, and I was devastated. Eventually, we got to a rest stop where my parent cleaned me and my carpet up as my two older siblings complained. Once everything was clean, we got back on the roa…

week twelve lab: biography

The last time I wrote about myself, it was about a memory from preschool. For this one, I'm going to keep the preschool theme going and tell another story from those days. This one, though, is the story of why I don't like peanut butter. Weird, right?

Okay, so the story starts in preschool, obviously. It was St. Patrick's Day, and I had arrived at my preschool. There were the typical morning activities--circle time, free play, etc. But, since it was St. Patrick's Day, we were also having a leprechaun hunt because that's the type of stuff four/five year olds enjoy. So, we went out to the playground to search for the leprechauns. There were little clues all over, so my classmates and I were running all around the yard looking for this leprechaun. As planned, my teacher called us in for lunch before we could find the leprechaun. We stood in line at the sink and waited our turn to wash our hands. Next, we carried our lunchboxes to the little lunchroom. My mom usually pa…

reading notes: seven secrets of the goddess, part b

For the second portion of this week's reading, I have continued watching the video series from Tuesday called Seven Secrets of the Goddess. In part 3 of the videos, I learned that women in many cultures are linked with nature whereas men are linked with culture. To display this, I want to include a plot in my storybook. A man will attempt to domesticate Abhaya, but little do they know she is a queen. By doing this, I will continue to be true to the culture in which I am trying to write about. 
In the fourth part of the videos, it talked a lot about how women play the role of damsel in distress, but they also play the role of the evil with in a lot of mythologies. My story is going to do its best to show that a woman can be more than a victim or a villain, and a woman doesn't need a man to save her in order to have a good life. 

Bibliography: Devdutt PattanaikSeven Secrets of the Goddess.