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reading notes: mahabharata, part d

For part D, The Forest and its Ghosts is the story I want to focus on, specifically the plot of it. As I have already mentioned the ashes of the original Dharma-Queen being thrown into the Ganges, I think this will be something that will seamlessly incorporate into my portfolio stories. I have already thought out what I want to do with this. Abhaya will get to a rough point in her journey, leading her to seek out Vyasa to bring the Dharma-Queen back to answer Abhaya's question as to whether or not her journey will be worth it. Ultimately, I want Abhaya to speak with her mother and then be given the choice to leave with the Dharma-Queen or stay and continue her journey. This will pose a great dilemma for Abhaya since she has struggled on her journey, but her mother's assuring words help guide her to the end. 
Bibliography: Donald A. Mackenzie, PDE Mahabharata.
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extra credit reading notes: mahabharata, part b

For my part B reading, I want to focus on Maya's Palace as a framework for another setting in my portfolio stories. I love the idea of Abhaya finding a glittering palace on her journey through the forests to find The Ocean of Milk. There, I want to bring a character like Pandavas in, but I will make them five sisters rather than brothers. While at the palace, I want Abhaya and the sisters to get acquainted and the sisters will then give Abhaya something to help her on her journey. 
Additionally, I would like to include the stories of the crystal and King Duryodhana's mistaking of it. I want to incorporate this attribute into Abhaya to make her more of an embodiment of the monarch that she is becoming. Although this will be separate from the palace plot and not as prominent, I think it will be cool to showcase my understandings of the readings into my story even further.
Bibliography: John Mandeville Macfie and Kisari Mohan Ganguli,PDE Mahabharata.

week eight comments and feedback

As someone who has an irrational fear of feedback, I was initially a little worried about receiving it from my peers. I have found the feedback I've received from both my peers and professor very helpful in my writings, especially when the WWW strategy is used. I myself have found the WWW strategy to be very helpful while giving feedback, too. 
With this type of thing, I always have trouble picking up on things to give feedback on in other people's writings. With WWW, the questions guide me to things I want to comment on in other people's stories. As I read other's stories, I get ideas for my own and even when leaving feedback, I think of my own stories and how I can improve them with the feedback I'm giving. 
I am really liking connecting with people through their introduction posts. I think mine represents me well, and the comments I have received have been very kind and welcoming. 
With my feedback, I do think I need to be a little more critical, but that's alw…

week eight reading and writing

Overall, I really like the layout/design of both my blog and website. Blogger is a lot more editable versus Google Sites, so I much prefer the look of my blog. I have incorporated my favorite colors and fonts in a way that I believe portrays me well.
As I have been behind in the class, my notes have been a little sporadic. Regardless, I think the notes I have completed worked well for their purpose and helped me create my stories effectively. Additionally, I really like both the stories I have written. Although there are only a few, the ones that I have completed are exactly what I wanted them to be. 
As a whole, I am enjoying the readings. I personally listen to the recordings provided, and that helps me a lot. When I read, I have a lot of trouble retaining things. Being able to listen to the audio component while following along helps me with that. My biggest accomplishment thus far in this class is being able to receive feedback and not take it personally. I have always struggled wit…

extra credit reading notes: mahabharata, part a

For part A, I want to focus on the character Kunti. I love how the story describes her as a celestial woman; it sounds so charming to me. Although Kunti is of a pious heart and seems to be a good woman, it is mentioned that King Pandu still loved his other wife best. I can imagine this being painful for Kunti to know, but that's me thinking in modern times. From her service to Durvasas, it is apparent that Kunti is a woman who works hard for what she wants, which in this case is the charm that will make a celestial being fall in love with her. 
With my story, I want there to be a sense of Pride and Prejudice, as that is what the original story made me think of. I want to develop my main character around Kunti and her charm she has received. Along with developing Kunti, I want to keep some aspects of the original story, like the birth of Karna and involving Radha and Adhiratha. Maybe kind of like a modern day adoption story with a celestial twist? It sounds a little cheesy now, but.…

reading notes: pde mahabharata, part c

For this section, I want to focus on The Cattle Raid. This attack gave me a lot of Game of Thrones vibes, so I immediately thought of using GoT characters to almost reenact this scene found in the Mahabharata. 
In my story, I plan to use the Stark family as the attackers, led by Rob Stark (Indra) whom will be attacking the Lannister family in order to capture Cersei (raj). Instead of the stealing of cattle, the Starks will be attacking as Cersei killed Rob's father, Ned. Like in The Cattle Raid, a marriage will come from my story as well, but one between the Lannister and Stark families. As I type this, it just sounds like a Game of Thrones episode, but I plan on making it kind of like a bonus episode that we did not get to see. A post-Red Wedding episode in which everyone doesn't die. I want my story to show the continuation of Rob Stark's life while also incorporating the overarching theme of the Cattle Raid from the Mahabharata.    The overall joy at the ending of The Cat…

tech tip: Creative Commons image search

In my educational technology class I'm currently in, we have talked briefly about Creative Commons. Although I know of it, I had never used a search like this that was specifically Creative Commons.I chose to look for siamese cats because I love them, and I found this adorable lil guy/gal. I absolutely love those big ears! As a future teacher, Creative Commons is something I would like (and need) to learn more about as it will become an integral part of my classroom. It is so important to give credit where it's due.